PDM can assess whether you need repairs or full replacement. The winter season is hard on many things, and the roof over your head is no exception.  Heavy snowfall will wear down roofing over time. Left unattended, damaged shingles and will allow water leaks into your house which will lead to further issues such as mold, which will lead to mold and decay. And when the majority of the shingles have been compromised or damaged over time, a full replacement may be required. Either way PDM can meet your needs!

We are the premier roofing contractor and roof replacement specialist in Indiana. Our licensed roofing contractors will work around your schedule to get your new roof up as quickly as possible to add value to your home.

Don’t just keep a roof over your head–keep it in tact!

Call today and let PDM help with your roofing needs before it’s too late! 

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